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Your Choice for White Fillings in SE Calgary

East Dental Care is pleased to offer White Fillings. If your teeth suffer from dental decay or have been damaged by trauma, and you’re looking for a cosmetic dentistry option for bonding treatments to restore their function, white fillings might be the solution!

What is a Filling?

A filling is a way to restore a tooth damaged by decay back to its normal function and shape. A cavity, for example, is a hole left behind after tooth decay destroys part of a tooth. Removing the decay prevents further damage, but it doesn’t fix the damage to the tooth that already occurred. That’s where fillings come in. Materials used for fillings can include gold, porcelain, an amalgam (an alloy of mercury, silver, copper, tin, and sometimes zine), or a blend, or composite, of plastic resin and silica fillers (tooth or white coloured filling).

What is a White Filling?

White fillings are made of a blend, or composite, of plastic resins and silica fillers. These substances mimic many of the qualities of natural tooth structure, such as wear and translucency. Traditional dental filling materials, which are best known as silver fillings, are not always aesthetically pleasing options for restoring the function of your teeth. White filling materials have been used for over 20 years, and many patients prefer white fillings over silver fillings because they better match the natural colour of your teeth, so they are less noticeable.

What is the Process of White Fillings?

After we prepare your tooth, we will place the white filling material in thin layers to fill the hole in your tooth completely, and essentially rebuild the structure of your tooth. A special light is then used to set the white filling material, making it very hard and durable against normal biting forces. Lastly, the tooth is shaped and polished for a smooth finish, ensuring that it bites together correctly against the opposing teeth. Composite resin fillings look completely natural and restore tooth functionality very effectively.

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The Benefits of White Fillings:

White fillings offer aesthetic results; they best replicate the colour of your natural teeth. We are able to achieve this because of the ability to blend different shades of white filling material to match the natural remaining tooth structure. White filling material bonds directly to the tooth remaining tooth structure, reducing the instance of breakage and offering the ability to insulate the tooth from temperature changes. They are very durable and can last for a while with very good oral hygiene. White fillings are also used to build-up damaged teeth prior to the dental crown, dental bridge, and many other restorative dental procedures. They are also more cost-effective than gold fillings.

White Fillings May Be The Answer to the Smile You Have Been Dreaming Of!

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