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At East Dental Care we offer Family Dentistry and we address the oral health of every person in your family, from infants all the way to seniors. We recognize that children have very different dental needs than adults, and we tailor our services and our methods to each specific patient, no matter what age or dental requirement. Through education, prevention, and treatment, your ENTIRE family will receive the comprehensive dental care they need.

Families are Always Welcome!

At East Dental Care, we are always welcoming families to our practice, and we are committed to ensuring that each visit is as comfortable and stress-free as possible. We combine our dental hygiene program with regular dental checkups, to allow our patients to leave not only with a healthier smile but also with a better understanding of their overall oral health. Every patient deserves personalized attention and care with the goal to create a lifetime of beautiful, healthy smiles for each and every person in your family, no matter what age.

Your Families’ Comfort is Important to Us!

East Dental Care accepts patients of all ages. We take pride in creating a friendly, gentle, and comfortable atmosphere for our young patients because we believe that visiting the dentist can and should be an enjoyable experience. Our team of dental providers aims to create trusting relationships with your child because the experiences your child has with their dentist at an early age impacts how they will view dental care as an adult. Studies show that children who have positive dental experiences tend to visit their dentist on a regular basis into adulthood.
East Dental Care invites you to tour our dental practice and meet our dental team before you make your initial appointment. We want you to be confident in your choice to make East Dental Care as your Family Dentist of choice right from the start.

Family Dentistry East Dental Care | General Dentist | 17 Ave SE | Calgary

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