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If you suffer the associated consequences of teeth grinding and teeth clenching, and are looking for a solution to alleviate your symptoms, which might include headaches, wear and tear of teeth, and muscle tension, East Dental Care is pleased to offer custom-fit Night Guards. A Nightguard can help everyone in your family, including yourself, get a good night’s sleep!

What is a NightGuard

A Night Guard is a custom fit dental device that is worn at night to help prevent teeth grinding and teeth clenching. It is designed to fit over your teeth, and its purpose is to prevent wear and tear on your teeth and muscles of the head, face, and jaw that might otherwise result from teeth clenching and grinding.

Why Might you Need a Night Guard?

Custom Night Guards are typically the first step in treating TMD disorders, or disorders of the jaw before more invasive solutions are considered. After a TMD/TMJ Assessment, a custom Night Guard may be recommended by your dental professional to realign your jaw in a more ideal position that reduces stress on the muscles of the face and neck and protects the enamel and surface of the teeth.

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Do I need a Mouth Guard?

If you experience any of the following symptoms, you might be a candidate for a Nightguard:

  • You grind or clench your teeth during the day or night
  • You suffer from frequent headaches and pain in your neck
  • You hear a ‘clicking’ or ‘popping’ sound when you open and or close your mouth
  • It is difficult and/or painful when you open your mouth wide when you eat or yawn
  • You have ever suffered an injury to your neck, head, or jaws
  • You have arthritis in other joints throughout your body

Our goal is to alleviate any pain you might be experiencing and ensure that you have the proper protection for their teeth. If you are dealing with any of the above symptoms, we recommend that you call East Dental Care to schedule an appointment for a complete assessment with our experienced dental team.

The Team at East Dental Care Looks Forward to Helping You Get a Good Night’s Sleep!

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