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Composite veneers are an alternative to the more expensive porcelain veneers. Composite veneers are thin, custom-made pieces of composite resin (as opposed to porcelain) that permanently bond directly to the front surfaces of the teeth to mask their colour. They are often made from a tooth-coloured resin, the same type of material used with tooth bonding.

Direct Composite Veneers

Direct composite veneers are made chairside, and take only one appointment to complete, making it a same-day treatment. They are sculpted on your teeth rather than in an off-site lab (like porcelain veneers are). It does not take very long for a dentist to prepare your teeth for the application of the veneers, and the application process is considered minimally invasive. This means that your teeth are not permanently altered to such an extent that the composite material cannot be removed and replaced as needed. First, your dentist applies layers of material to prepared teeth, hardening each addition with a special light. Since the tooth-shaded resin is applied directly to the teeth, your dentist can shape and sculpt it as it’s being applied. With the final shaping and polishing, composite veneers blend beautifully into natural dentition.

What is the Process of getting composite veneers?

Your dentist will start the process by cleaning your teeth thoroughly and preparing them for the application. Your dentist may have to remove a thin layer of your enamel to help the material stick to your teeth. Sometimes, your teeth don’t need to be cut if minor changes to shape or color are needed. After, the process will differ slightly, depending on whether you’re getting direct or indirect veneers.

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Direct Composite Veneers:

Before applying direct veneers, a dentist will etch the enamel of your teeth to help with adhesion. Next, they’ll apply an adhesive glue to help the composite resin material stick to your teeth. Lastly, very thin layers of the composite material are added to the surface of your teeth. The dentist will “cure” or quickly harden the layers of the composite resin with light. You and your dentist are able to pick the shade or color you want for your veneers. Your dentist can mix composite resin colors to make your veneers look natural.

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