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SE Calgary Wisdom Teeth Extractions

SE Calgary Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom teeth grow last, usually in the late teen years or early twenties. For some, this growth is characterized by toothache and inflammation. Yet, for others, third molars appear without any discomfort. Wisdom teeth are usually four in total. However, some people may only grow one, two, three, or none at all.

Sometimes, these teeth may grow inappropriately and put you at risk of various oral complications. This can happen if there's too little space on your jaw bone for the tooth to grow, which causes abnormal development. At East Dental Care, we carry out unexcelled SE Calgary wisdom teeth extractions for those in need of the procedure.

Answer FAQs About Wisdom Teeth Extraction

While not every third molar that grows abnormally requires extraction, this surgery cannot be overlooked in certain situations. When you schedule your appointment with us, our top dentists will examine you and let you know if you require wisdom teeth removal in Calgary.

When Should I Get My Wisdom Tooth Removed?

You may need wisdom teeth extraction in SE Calgary if your third molars are impacted. An impacted tooth is one that lacks enough space to grow normally and instead crowds other teeth or only emerges partially.

This causes symptoms such as toothache, pain in the lower jaw, headaches, and facial swelling. In such a case, the best decision is to have the tooth extracted.

What Will Happen If I Don't Get My Impacted Tooth Removed?

An impacted wisdom tooth can affect the surrounding teeth and the jaw, leading to serious dental complications. It can cause tooth decay, jaw cyst growth, and gum disease.

These problems occur when a molar fails to erupt normally, leaving hard to clean spaces while trapping food particles and accumulating bacteria. As a result, you might be susceptible to infections, which will lead to more oral health problems.

How Long Does Wisdom Tooth Extraction Take?

The extraction procedure may take a few minutes if the issue is addressed early. But if the tooth has had time to form many neural connections and the roots have developed fully, the surgery may last more than twenty minutes.

Will I Feel Pain During Surgery?

At East Dental Care, we provide unsurpassed sedation dentistry during SE Calgary wisdom teeth extractions, so you do not feel pain during surgery Further, our dentist will provide medication to help you relax and numb any pain during the procedure.

How Long Does Recovery Take?

Recovery from tooth extractions in SE Calgary takes a few days to 2 weeks. During this period, you may experience pain and swelling. Our dentists can prescribe medication to alleviate the discomfort. To speed up your recovery, it's best to avoid taking hot beverages or alcohol and disturbing the extraction area when brushing.

Safe Wisdom Tooth Removal

You can contact us for any further questions regarding wisdom tooth extraction cost and other details about the surgery. If you do not have adequate room for all your wisdom teeth, our dental team will recommend top of the line SE Calgary wisdom teeth extractions. Contact East Dental Care for the best dental services in Calgary, AB: (403) 248-6565.

SE Calgary Wisdom Teeth Extractions
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SE Calgary Wisdom Teeth Extractions
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