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SE Calgary Emergency Dentist

SE Calgary Emergency Dentist

Should you be concerned about a toothache, or is it normal? Toothaches come in varying degrees of pain, and knowing when to seek emergency medical assistance immediately can save you so much trouble, not to mention money later on. That is because ignoring those aches and pains can result in a major dental emergency in the long run. Your whole body is connected, so it might be hard to know the real cause of your toothache. A reputable SE Calgary emergency dentist can properly diagnose your toothache, provide the ideal solution, and prevent the issue from potentially becoming a bigger problem.

At East Dental Care, we provide second to none emergency dental care services. We have the best emergency dentist in Calgary who is extensively trained on advanced dental techniques and procedures to provide patients with premier dental care.

5 Times When You Need to See an Emergency Dentist

While people usually experience dental issues, how can you tell if it's an emergency? Below are signs you need emergency care from a walk-in dentist in Calgary.

  1. Your Mouth Has A Metal-Like Taste

If you've previously had a metal filling and your mouth tastes like metal, it could be an indication that the old filling has become loose or cracked. It's advisable to seek dental care immediately, as an open filling can leave your tooth susceptible to cavities and infections. Your dentist will give you a new filling and clear out any bacteria or infection present. If you wait, a root canal may be necessary, which is a more invasive and often dreaded procedure.

  1. You have Bleeding, Aching Gums

Recurring and excessive bleeding accompanied by aching and swollen gums after flossing can be an early warning sign of gingivitis or gum disease. It's crucial to visit an emergency dentist in Calgary AB urgently since untreated symptoms can reach a stage where it becomes impossible to restore your teeth to their healthy state.

  1. Numb Tooth

If you've been having an aching tooth, then you feel completely nothing all of a sudden; your infection may have spread to the root where the nerves are. This is not a good sign. Toothaches might indicate a bigger dental problem that requires emergency care.

  1. Unexplainable Pain in Your Tooth

You can't tell what really happened, but now you have a severe toothache. Although your tooth may hurt for different reasons, it's better to make an emergency appointment with your Calgary AB dentist instead of persevering in anguish.

  1. Swollen Jaw

Your jaw can swell because of an infection in the salivary gland. If you have a swollen jaw, fever, trouble swallowing or breathing, and a terrible taste in your mouth, it's imperative to seek emergency help in a dental clinic in Calgary, Alberta. A bacterial infection is the culprit behind a salivary gland infection, and it can make it impossible for your saliva to wash away bacteria or break down food.

Best in Class Emergency Dental Services in Calgary

At East Dental Care, we understand the importance of receiving urgent dental care. If you have a dental emergency, our SE Calgary emergency dentist can provide same-day, effective treatments. We restore damaged teeth and help relieve symptoms to avoid dental issues from escalating and ensure you feel better, fast. Contact East Dental Care for the best dental services in Calgary, AB: (403) 248-6565.

SE Calgary Emergency Dentist
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SE Calgary Emergency Dentist
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